Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Jones and Jones Autumn/Winter LookBook 2015

If you have read any of my previous posts, you'll know how much I love Jones and Jones UK.

As a blogger I work with brands all the time and sometimes it can be hard to convince your readers that you are genuine even if you truthfully are; I can honestly say Jones and Jones are the one brand that I do seriously love to pieces. From my first dress I ever bought from Topshop on my 17th Birthday, to my first ever shoot, to collaborating with them as a blogger; I feel as though I have grown up with them!  

Their beautiful dresses are made here in the UK, and I find that authentic UK manufacturing is very rare these days. 

I find, and i'm not sure if anybody else notices that some 'top' brands (no names mentioned) in my opinion fail tremendously in the quality sector of things. You pay for this hyped up brand and expect good things and what actually turns up at your door is a, cheap polyester, crinkled piece of rag that looks nothing like its photo...

Nothing makes me more exited that opening up a Jones and Jones package and being welcomed by a beautiful, crisp, rich material masterpiece. I'm rambling on...

But what I am trying to say is that they are an amazing brand with the most feminine, extravagant, and enchanting array of dresses and will always leave you feeling special!

I've been working on a series of winter Look Books (FYI, this was all my own doing and not sponsored, also no affiliates!), this being the first. I really hope you enjoy it and look out for my next video's, festive ones at that!

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Autumn Candle Collection| Part 1

Autumn means one thing for me...


Candles are everything; I love them all year round but especially in Autumn/Winter. They are the perfect mood setters, and have the ability to transform my room into a cosy, spiced pumpkin, caramel, candy cane or whatever scent you fancy wonderland!

I thought I'd show you today just a few of my favorites I've collated this year so far, and spread some candle love with whoever wishes to read!

This Candle I got from my mum for my birthday just gone, I think it is from Sainsburys which if you're not from England is  British supermarket. It's a vanilla scented candle which sounds boring, but I just find them really relaxing and the smell isn't too pungent. With a lot of vanilla candles I find they're really really sweet smelling and can actually be very sickly, and that's why I really love this one as it's just slightly less over powering! It also has a really cute bow and heart, and well... you had me at bow.

These next candles, I actually talked about in my latest September favorites video which i'll leave bellow; I talk about how I've been putting off lighting them for so long as I never want them to run out! I got these for my birthday last year and they came in a 3 pack from IKEA, each a different shade of brown: Chocolate brown, Tan, and Beige. They all smell the same, they smell so much like those chewy caramel wafers Starbucks do a Christmas so it's really hard resist trying to eat them. These are so good for a cold and rainy afternoon when you need a sweet pick me up scent!

Last but not least: The famous Yankee Candle. I got this as a secret Santa last year (my friend knew me very well) I hadn't actually seen this one before and it really does smell exactly like a candy cane. I think one of my favorite things about it is that it doesn't smell artificial like you would expect a sweet and candy scent to smell like. It's a really lovely fresh, minty, sweet scent and I think i'll burn this a bit more nearer Christmas! Can we also appreciate the seriously adorable label and red colour...

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

I'm An Adult| My Birthday

This will be the quickest blog post I have ever written as I currently have family round, but...IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!

I cannot believe my teen years are over, they have gone unbelievably quick. I feel like I've achieved so much in the last decade and I am so grateful for all the opportunities I've been given; from the little  things to being signed to my agency and everything that came along with blogging this year! 

A quick outfit post:

My top I got a present today from my mum, I shan't leave the links as it's rude to look at the prices of items but it's from H&M and I'm sure you can find it on the website pretty easily!

My skirt I bought from Dorothy Perkins last year, I love love love anything a-line!

My shoes are from New Look(they do the best sales ever).

I loveeeeee hair bows so so much as you might see from previous posts, so I was delighted when I opened this one from my sister this morning- Tamika you da best.

I love being a September baby, as it means my birthday arrives just as a/w stock does...I feel like this outfit is perfect from sunny, crisp September days and aubergine is always an Autumn must!!

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Autumn Came Early| Boohooo

I refuse to wait any longer...

England is cold, grey and wet. I'm always overly keen to transition from summer to autumn or 'fall', I loveeee the fashion the festivities and the cold crisp air!

I had a meeting yesterday and when I saw the weather I said to myself 'this is it' I'm not going to attempt to dress for summer when the sky is attempting to drown us all.
I had a look through Boohoo the other week as I wanted to see if they had their autumn/winter stuff in, and I came across this skirt, after an hour I finally chose the colour I wanted (shock black) and at £5 how could I not.

With online shopping you never know what you're going to get as every rang/product is different so I was skeptical as I knew there could be the possibility that the skirt isn't what it looked like, wafer thin material etc. But I was delighted when it arrived, the material is thick and unexpectedly stretchy!

The skirt comes in size 10 and up, I went for the 10 as I vary from 8-10 and I would say buy true to your true size. Although the material is stretchy it is still less durable in places(my bum for instance) so keep that in mind. There is no way in hizzle I would have got in an 8...

I layered a dark green midi dress I got from Topshop in a thrift shop; it worked great as a top, tights because yes autumn means tights yay, and some heeled boots from Red Herring. I made myself a tartan bow for my hair because I love myself a bow and it finished the whole autumn-esque look off really nicely!

I'd also like to give a shutout to mother nature for chucking it down whilst I was trying to shoot this post...

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Cutest Summer/Winter Accessory| The Dressing Room Brentwood

I received this gorgeous gift from a brand called The Dressing Room Brentwood, and I just had to share as i'm a sucker for cute accessories!

The Dressing Room Brentwood(TDRB) is the cutest brand, every item is handmade...to perfection I must say. I'd been following the brand on Instagram for a long time and I've always been a huge fan so I was very excited when my headband came in the post. TDRB do everything from trousers, tops, accessories, two pieces and the CUTEST play suits! It's the perfect brand for festival and party wear.

I got sent a red/pink colour headband with rose embellishment, first of all I love the red as it means I can wear this in the autumn as well as summer. The Designer/owner of the brand Chloe actually took inspiration from my Instagram feed which was incredibly thoughtful, it's always nice when a brand makes a special effort and is interactive!

I own a lot of these type of headbands but only knitted/winter wear kinds so it made a really nice change, it's also going to be great for when I wear a lot of dark colours in the winter and want to brighten the outfit up!

I'm wearing, again, another timeless piece which I have had for years. I'm throwing it way back to 2010...It's just a plain black maxi dress from Oasis with a chiffon trim on the bust, I thought it would compliment the head band quite nicely.

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Into the woods lookbook

I am so incredibly fascinated by fiction and fairy tales- princesses, pirates, animals you name it so themed posts are always fun for me. This is the second look book I shot with photographer Przemslaw Grabowski (see western post).

I'd watched the film Into The Woods a few months back, and I just fell in love with the whole theme; the woods, little red riding hood, the costumes, the music. I decided to shoot my interpretation, I'm not dressed as characters etc but I went down the whole little red riding hood(or in this case little cream riding hood) girl lost in the woods theme.

My dress is from Jones and Jones UK, and I seriously just adore the whole brand; their dresses are just so fun, girly and you really do feel amazing in them. I own about 6 now and a lot of them are classic pieces that you can just wear time and time again. My mum is always digging out vintage clothing from her wardrobe from when she was my age and I can't help but think how adorable it would be to share these with my own daughters/sons one day! 

Jones and Jones dresses are designed and made in the UK which is another thing I love, I find that authentic UK sourced/made products are a rarity these days. I feel like I could babble on for ages about how much I love them so here are a few bullet points to speed up the process:

-They fit beautifully 
-There are so many beautiful varieties of dresses, patterns, shapes.
-You can dress them up or down
-If you are girly, you've found the right brand
-UK made
-The signature fit and flare shape is extremely flattering on all shapes and sizes

 I bought my first Jones and Jones dress on my 16th birthday from Topshop (in my lfw post) and from that day I fell in love with the them!

Again I just love creating themed posts time to time, being a model and blogger gives me the opportunity to combine both my style and shooting and I just can not get enough! 

Also torrential rain here guys...excuse the makeup that had melted off my face. But other than that I really hope you enjoy!

If there are any themes you would like to see me create do let me know, I'd love to know your ideas!


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Sunday, 7 June 2015

London meetings and shopping on a budget!

Hello again! Apologies for the lack of posting recently, if i'm honest I just haven't had the time to blog but I have lots lined up in the next few weeks so keep an eye out!

Today's post is my OOTD, I went to London today for a meeting with the Wearisma team. It was just a casual day but I wanted to make an effort!

I'm wearing the cutest pinafore from Boohoo, I HATE skirt shopping... anything with a skirt. I'm quite tall(hence my URL) so finding a skirt with a bit of length is the most challenging thing in the world! I really love the pinafore as it's in between slouchy and tight, so it's perfect for walking around and sitting in and is super comfortable plus I just love the colour.

I paired my pinafore with a simple black roll neck from Dorothy Perkins. Bad move Mon. I chose the worst day to wear a jumper London was so so hot I could have cried! I'd also wear crop tops under this for hotter weather...I should have taken this advice for today!

I got these boots from the boohoo sale, shock I know another sale item but I find that buying winter stock in the summer saves you so many pennies as I've noticed before that shops just bump up the price of certain sale items as soon as it hits autumn/winter again. Plus black Chelsea boots are a classic style so it's not like you're going to be seasons behind! The outfit needed a little something so I found some old knee socks in my drawer. I think this is the first time I've worn knee socks since I was about 13 but yeah it happened, I quite liked them! Affordable fashion is my favorite and I find this so much with Boohoo, i'd say it's my favorite online shop right now.

To finish my look off I wore my famous 'Cross my heart' sunglasses that I wore to fashion week, everyone loved these glasses I think they're up there with my faves.

Wearisma is a fashion app that allows you to post your looks and tag the items directly from your phone;blogging on the go! Wearisma will be exclusive to everyone by hopefully the end of this year so I will keep you posted, I will leave all links at the end of this post.


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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Western S/S15

Hello again!

So lately I have been shooting in some really cool locations. I enjoy this way more; my imagination is always over flowing with so many ideas that I get for shoots and realistically they were never going to look great in my back garden(where I usually end up taking my photos). Obviously I won't always have time and £ to travel around and do this but  you will see a lot more themed posts just not too often, but i'm really excited to take my blog in this new editorial-esque direction!

I shot these photo's with my photographer friend Przemslaw Grabowski, we are very like minded creatively, and he is ridiculously skillful; taking and editing the photo's/film. We shot a few different locations which you will see very soon and also some filmed for my YouTube, it was such a fun day despite the rain. Bloggers if you are looking for a photographer to work with- He's your guy!

I'm loving the whole western theme at the moment and as I like classic pieces rather than really busy/over accessorized outfits so this skirt is perfect for me; I really love just stand out pieces that still give you that themed influence instead of a an outfit that is too busy looking. I got it from H&M and it was reasonably priced at only £24.99 so if you're looking for a cheaper alternative I would take a look at H&M. I always find their stuff really affordable yet the quality and the high fashion 'vibe' is still there.

I got this in a size 10 as I find with H&M their sizes do come up smaller, I did have to wriggle around a bit to get it on but this is most likely down to the fact I have a big badonkadonk and a small waist. It isn't elasticated and obviously I didn't force it on myself I just had to dance into it a bit! Once it's up though it is the perfect fit.

My hat is from Primark, honestly I love Primark I can't help it. I feel like I'm always expressing my love for it on here but their summer accessories are so good this year! I did feature this hat in my very first blog post actually, it's just a really cute Fedora hat and it was only £7 I think. It just spices up the outfit a bit and the contrast of the two tan colours really adds to the whole western influence of the outfit.

My shoes here are COVERED in mud as it was pouring it down all day, we were both absolutely soaked! But well worth it; I love seeing images and themes coming together! Also I think the rainy atmosphere really compliments the colours of the outfit.

Last off, my sunglasses are from New look, I tend to suit bigger frames so these round ones are perfect, these were £4.99 so really cheap and you could probably find this style almost anywhere now.

I hope you guys enjoyed this new twist in my blog theme, I'm super excited and I'm planning some really cool stuff so keep an eye out!

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Magnitone Lucid

So Magnitone were kind enough to send me the Magnitone Lucid to review, and I must stress THIS IS NOT SPONSERED. All of these opinions are my own and based on my experience using the product.

If you are not familiar with Magnitone or what a Magnitone is, they are basically an electronic cleansing/exfoliation brush which is supposed to give you 'softer, brighter clearer' skin in just 7 days.

The brush is powered by active electromagnetic technology. It has enhanced electromagnetic pulsations that send rapid vibrations into you skin, which will help to unblock pores and get rid of any dead skin cells leaving your skin 'healthy and glowing'.

I've been using mine for just over 2 weeks now, when I first heard about the product/received it I did think hmm is this too good to be true, is this product legit or is it just a fancy brush? Being completely honest I really love it.

The first few days I did notice that my pores, blackheads etc (gross but yes everybody has them) had surfaced a lot after i'd used the product, they are usually so hard to spot/hidden. I was not and please do not be put off by this, this is actually a good thing and it means the brush is doing amazing things for you skin.

The Magnitone Lucid is a DEEP cleansing brush which means it digs deep into your skin obviously bringing all the icky stuff to the surface, this is a gradual process so this IS expected, you will thank Magnitone later!

The brush is 100% water proof which is perfect for me, I use the SebaMed cleansing bar which needs water to be able to rub onto my face so being able to wet the product is amazing.

WARNING: If you do wet the brush and are using a cleanser or generally do not like anything getting in your eyes, close them or dab the brush first on a towel. The brush holds water, it doesn't drain a lot so when you turn the brush on it will spray everywhere. I experienced this first hand it was a bit of a surprise!

I was skeptical before receiving as I had in my head that the brush would be mega spiky and hurt but I must say it is the softest thing ever, and also it doesn't stain easily from excess makeup, it rinses right out!

The Magnitone Lucid has two modes- Deep Clean, and Sensitive. Now my skin is super sensitive, I suffer very badly with eczema, and my skin genuinely hates anything I introduce to it, but honestly I have been fine with the Deep Clean mode, in fact I quite like it a bit more powerful as it feels like it is doing more.

The brush will beep every 20 seconds; this tells you to move onto a different part of your face. It will beep 3 sets of 20 before automatically turning off, I think this is great as it means you can never accidentally leave it on and run down the battery! Mine came fully charged which was great, I got to use it straight away! It does come with a wireless travel charger and charge is supposed to last up to 2 weeks.

The Magnitone Lucid comes in 4 different colours- Pink, Yellow, Mint, and Blue. My model is the Sunshine Yellow if you were interested. 

You're probably used to more photographic posts on here but I just felt like this needed a more in depth explanation/review. I want to wait a couple more weeks to post a before and after as I feel as though you will be able to see more of a difference.

If you are interested in purchasing a Magnitone Lucid for yourself I have been given an exclusive discount code for all my readers.

Use 'Monique20' for 20% off you Magnitone!

I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as my usual posts, it was so fun being able to review such a fantastic brand, especially one that has Pixie Lott as a brand ambassador, how exciting!

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Monday, 27 April 2015


I'm back with another outfit post because I really wanted to show you this amazing dress!

I got this dress a couple of weeks ago from Zara, my best friend and I picked it up and at the time were a bit unsure. I always like to try things on just in case they surprise you and this dress definitely did!

I've been loving anything monochrome lately so instantly I was drawn to the black and white, I find that with stripes horizontal ones can sometimes make you look wider and vertical can make you look really elongated. Zara were obviously very clever, the bodice are horizontal stripes and then rest of the dress vertical. This creates an amazing hour glass look which I loveee!

I'm also not a fan of things being baggy... It drives me insane. Midi dresses that gape at the bottom are on my room 101 list. But anyway this dress was perfect, It's a really thick stretchy material meaning you can just slip it on over you head(yay no buttons) and it fits in all the right places which is what you want with any dress and is in no way baggy. P.s anybody looking for something that pulls you in and gives you a waist...this dress is 100% for you!

I'm for anything bold, and I generally don't buy anything unless it stands out to me/if i'm drawn to it. I fell in love with this dress so much I can not explain. I also set the challenge for myself this year to wear less black, and this has white in it so technically i'm not breaking any rules yay!  I got a size small and usually in Zara I need to buy a size up as i find their sizing to be super tiny! But this fit like a dream and was true to size. This dress was only £25.99 too, I can't wait to wear this out, it is definitely one to take on holiday! 

My shoes are from Asos about a year ago, but you couldn't go wrong with any black shoe, I think if were on holiday I would pair the dress with a lime clutch or shoes to make it a bit more summery!

My Necklace is from Primark and my watch is DKNY.



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