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L'Oréal liquid hair chalk review

I'm sure anyone with dark hair like myself has always wondered what their hair would look like lighter. I had been eager to find out for ages, but i never wish to dye or bleach my hair- i'm mixed race and i've always tried to keep my hair in great condition, and doing so in my opinion would ruin it and i'm not willing to take that risk!

It is obviously almost impossible to achieve lighter hair without chemicals which was out of the question so i did a bit of research. That is when i came across the L'Oréal hair chalk...

They have a range of colours ranging from reds blues, but i opted for the bronzed beach. I searched on youtube to see if anyone with dark hair like mine had tried it, and after seeing somebody achieve great results i was desperate to try it and had to purchase.

You can buy from a range of online beauty suppliers such as feelunique etc but i actually brought mine from Direct Cosmetics. They are an online beauty supplier that offer discounted cosmetics and have tonnes of stuff for great prices the only difference being that mine did not come with the 'applicater' which was basically just a folded piece of glossed paper which you run down your hair. I got mine for £7.50, as aposed to the other beauty retailers selling at £11-13.

This is how the container looks, this is 50ml and as you can see the top has an applictor making it easy to squirt out without lots of mess. You're supposed to use the applictor that comes with it but i found it much easier squirting the liquid(which by the way is very runny and comes out very quickly) into a pot and using an old foundation brush to apply to my hair. I found this made it much easier and much more precise, espcially if you did a full head of 'highlights' like me.

I parted my hair starting with the bottom layer and basically just brushed on random highlights. You can do a few or quite a lot like i did depending on what kind of look you want to achieve. I really wanted to see a significant change so i used quite a lot. You need a couple of brushes down each strand of hair to do the trick and for the pigment to really show up! Instead of explaining word for word i thought i'd bullet point the instructions instead-

-brush onto section of hair 2-3 times if needed.
-let it dry or use a hair dryer
-comb through it and straighten
-curl hair or straighten if you want to. I used my philips multi styler in the biggest wand in the set.

My hair is naturally dark, it is a very dark brown but it sometimes looks a bit more black in pictures, here is my comparisson.

The result was actually slightly more bronzy but my camera didn't capture it so i will show a picture later that i took on my phone. I found that curling my hair made the end result look so much better and more natural!

So there it is... The only thing i found i did not like about this product is that when ot dries it makes your hair slightly more coarse, ever so slightly. But like i said i have afro/caribbean mixed hair, and everyone is different. Other than that i got a lot of compliments.

The product stayed in my hair for almost a week and some even stayed in when i washed it. It took me a couple of attempts to get it out.

If you want to achieve lighter hair with great non-chemical temporary results that will not damage you hair then i 100% would reccomend this product to you! It was so fun experimenting and i was really pleased with the outcome! Finally here is a picture of the photo taken with my phone showing its truer colour. 

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Monique x



  1. Wow! This actually looks amazing, I've never even seen this advertised but when I find it I'd definitely buy some :D
    And your hair is INCREDIBLE.


    1. I know i never knew it existed until i googled hair chalks they should defintaley advertise it more! Thank you so much but i cant take all the credit as i'm actually wearing clip in extensions here😁

      Monique xx

  2. I am hoping the same best effort from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing skills has inspired me. best hair dryer in india


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