Monday, 30 March 2015

Easter bunny

For Easter I wanted to just shoot something fun with a cute little outfit, I brought this dress a few weeks ago and I was just dying to show it off so it was perfect!

Spring to me is about colour and if you've read my earlier posts you'll know i'm trying to wear way more of it. I recently was browsing The Boohoo sale and I found a few things I really loved, one being this dress.

I have to be really careful with pinks as some shades will wash me out, but this one is perfect. It looks like it would suit anyone's skin colour! 

I threw in a few props just for the fun of it, and may I apologize before you read on that the wind today was INSANE and my backdrop would not lay flat or hold still, so it does look a little creased. I hope you enjoy it anyway! 

Pink Dress

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Happy Easter!


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Waven Studio

First of all I have been so exited to do this post! About a month back I was chosen by Waven Studio in association with Comb app as one of their give away winners. 

Comb is a new fashion app that allows you to upload any picture, whether that be a dress you saw on somebody's Instagram or some shoes you saw on somebody's twitter. The app will then search for this item or collate a bunch of other similar items for you. 

Waven's summer collection is denim themed, very light and simplistic. So of course I had a field day trying to choose an item, in the end I chose a long sleeved denim shirt. When it arrived I could Instantly tell the shirt was amazing quality, the denim looked expensive and it fit so well! 

I paired the shirt with a white triangle bra-let and denim jeans, I wanted to go for the whole double denim look- It is something you can just put on and be comfortable in and still look like you made a lot of effort. This would be perfect for spring/summer on days where maybe its not so warm. 

You can find Waven Studio on their website and Asos, links will be left at the bottom of the post!

You can also find the comb app on the iTunes store.

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Thank you again to Waven and Comb for choosing me!


Sunday, 22 March 2015

One Aldwych Review- Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Tea

For Mother's Day I wanted to do something different, and knowing how my mum and I love afternoon tea, I went on a hunt to find the perfect location. She had been to afternoon teas before, so I decided that a themed one would be something different, which is when I came across One Aldwych, They are in association with the West End show Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which is one of our family's favourite films. I booked a few months in advance to secure our place and I had been so eager to go ever since! I kept it from mum for months and finally gave her the surprise on Mothering Sunday. I created a replica of the famous golden ticket and hid it in a chocolate bar.

As I was working on Mother's Day, we went the following Sunday (today). On arrival, we were greeted and taken to our seats which were located in the downstairs restaurant in a cosy corner; this was great for me as crowds make me anxious and I don't like being seated where I feel too many people are looking.

The tables were set out in a minimalist and fresh style, and on each plate was the most beautiful menu; each had a different illustration of a family from the film/play. I loved the attention to detail, as I'm such a sucker for anything pretty looking!

We were served by our lovely waiter Ariold, who was so lovely and very accommodating, He started off by going through the menu with us, and asked us about any allergies etc. When we said we didn't really like certain sandwiches, he offered us other choices, I'm not too keen on many savory things...I'm just not a sandwich girl, but I wanted to try some just for the experience. The Heritage Tomato Tarts I had were actually very nice and flavorful, and my mum was very impressed with the egg mayonnaise brioche rolls and beef and horse radish sandwiches. We decided on the smooth caramel tea to start with, which was also amazing.

Before the desserts/sweets were brought out, we chose our next tea which was called Jewelled Apple, and I will say I actually favoured this over the first; both were amazing but the aromas and flavours of the apple topped it off for me,

When the desserts came out I think my heart melted a bit, I have such a sweet tooth, so I was extremely excited. The presentation was exceptional- the desserts were displayed on miniature wooden podiums, everything looked so beautiful!

The menu consisted of:
-Golden chocolate eggs filled with vanilla cheesecake and mango puree
-Eton mess
-Lime and coconut cake pops
-Home Made candy floss
-Caramel milk
-Blueberry brioche
-Cocoa bean financier
-Scones served with summer berry jam, apple and meadosweet compote and Devonshire clotted cream.

I don't want to bore you all with explanations of each miniature delicacy, but I have to mention the candy floss, which turned out to be my favourite of it all. I had looked at the menu beforehand and not thought much of the candy floss, but our waiter asked us to taste it first before he told us the flavour. We spent about 5 minutes tasting and re-tasting it until I came to the conclusion that it was rhubarb and custard. Rhubarb and custard - my favorite sweet and my mum's favorite childhood sweet. I cannot explain how much I loved it and it saddens me that I will probably never taste it again. It was so funny watching everybody else in the room trying to guess!

The overall experience was so pleasant, fun and very relaxing. The staff were lovely, even offering us more chocolate brownies (which of course we accepted and took home - thank you!)

Thank you One Aldwych for the loveliest day, I would highly recommend to anyone! 


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lush easter haul

I'll admit before last Sunday I was a lush virgin, I've seen and heard such great things about the company that I had to go check out the shop for myself and I am so glad I did!

I'm such a sucker for anything aesthetically pleasing, and I think lush is the definition. The shop smells like sherbet and everything is just so beautiful! Not to mention that Lush are completely against animal testing which is amazing, everything is fresh and comes from their own factory.

I know it is a little early but as soon as I saw their Easter collection...that was it, I had to buy something. Easter is my favourite time of year so I just had to post about them, I bought the:

-Bunch of carrots (reusable bubble bar)
-Fluffy egg (bath bomb)
-Golden Egg (bath bomb melt)

I chose these due to what they looked like, smelt like, and I also wanted a variation of different products to test out as I'd never experienced any of the magic different Lush products create in the bath. May I add, that each of the products smell amazing, the fluffy egg in particular which smells of candy floss is my favourite. Enjoy my little Lush Easter collection!

I will definitely be shopping at Lush in the future, Lush if you're reading this please bring out more delicious products I am in love! 

All links to the products are here-

Happy Easter(for 4 weeks time)! 

Monique x

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Monday, 2 March 2015

A very windy outfit post

I'm seeing a lot of you are viewing my outfit posts more, and it's something I really enjoy doing so I thought I'd take advantage of the sunny weather today and do a quick post on a couple of bits I got from Missguided.

Both pieces are from the Missguided sale, they are currently offering an extra 40% off all sale so I had to grab a few bits! I've said before I wear way too much black so I set myself the challenge this spring to buy mostly colour. 

The top and bottoms do not match completely but I quite like this, I paired this outfit with a vintage felt hat that I bought last year and some chunky mary-jane heels from New Look.

I was absoloutley freezing here so I'd definatley wear my fur coat out with this. I applaud all bloggers for braving these conditions every day! 

Links to the top and bottoms can be found here- 

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Monique x 

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