Monday, 30 March 2015

Easter bunny

For Easter I wanted to just shoot something fun with a cute little outfit, I brought this dress a few weeks ago and I was just dying to show it off so it was perfect!

Spring to me is about colour and if you've read my earlier posts you'll know i'm trying to wear way more of it. I recently was browsing The Boohoo sale and I found a few things I really loved, one being this dress.

I have to be really careful with pinks as some shades will wash me out, but this one is perfect. It looks like it would suit anyone's skin colour! 

I threw in a few props just for the fun of it, and may I apologize before you read on that the wind today was INSANE and my backdrop would not lay flat or hold still, so it does look a little creased. I hope you enjoy it anyway! 

Pink Dress

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Happy Easter!


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