Thursday, 16 April 2015

Spring shoe haul

I am such a shoe person, more than clothes, more than bags, more than anything else. So the last couple of months I've bought a lot of shoes...

I figured this would be way easier to show you in a haul but I haven't made my YouTube yet so i'll try and get to the point and not bore you with lots of writing!

It's that awkward time of year where its nor hot nor cold so I've been trying to buy a mixture and I think I did pretty well. This was also done on a budget so for anyone not wanting to splurge too much these may be perfect for you!

These stripy little flat-forms are from Primark, there's just something I love about monochrome and wearing monochrome with a pop of colour- lime, blue, red. I've always liked to wear a bit of a heel as I find this actually makes most shoes slightly more comfortable than flats (completely flat shoes are actually really bad for your feet as there is no arch). The shoes look amazing on however I work in retail and I made the mistake of wearing these for the first time to work, they rubbed a lot and left me with some painful blisters but i'm hoping this was just 'first wear syndrome' because they really do look so nice and got so many compliments. Either way they were only £10 and may not be made for lots of walking/standing.

These pair of sandals make me very happy, very happy indeed. I was on the look out for some shoes for holiday, and if you're anything like me then you'll HATE flip flops, I just hate them. I don't care how expensive or how cheap, they will always rub your feet. There is nothing worse than getting out of the pool/sea and having your toes chafe against hard rubbery plastic...yeah no thanks. But again these are from Primark and total up at an amazing price of £3 I've also worn these a couple of times and they are so comfy!

I searched high and low for a pair of shoes like these, I loved the ones I had seen in Zara with a slightly chunkier heel but they had been sold out for months. I finally came across these in Topshop and fell in love, I wear these with everything...skirts, jeans, jumpsuits, dresses and they look so good. They rubbed a bit on the first wear, where the highest bit of leather meets the bottom of your calf but have been fine after that! These were £35, which yes is slightly more pricey but I had been desperate for some and the quality is great and will last you a long time!

I kind of have a love hate/relationship with these shoes. I'd needed a decent pair of black flats for a long time, and I'm not keen on the plain sort of plastic dolly shoe type. I found these in River island at Christmas as I'd been given a £10 voucher, the shoes were £28 so I got them for £18 which I thought was really good as they are really top quality durable and smart. I brought them without trying them on which was silly of me but i'm lazy so whatever and yes they did rub the back of my heel quite a bit which I thought would be 'first wear syndrome' and they did the second time, however they seem to be fine now and they are definitely the type of shoe that gets more comfortable as you wear them more. So wear them in with big fluffy socks first and you should be fine. Also the snake print and gold rim detail is just beautiful! 

The last pair of shoes are again, if you haven't already guessed from the label...Primark. I felt like a needed a bit or colour so I  decided on another pair of platforms, I'm going to be honest I prefer these to the stripy ones as they are way more comfortable and have more of an arch which makes them easier to walk in. love these shoes and love the £10 price tag. Also I'm really sorry for the dirty marks haha I wore these 'out on the town' and yeah go figure!

I really hope you enjoyed this post, I will leave the links bellow all except the Primark shoes as there is now product website, but you will most likely find them all in your local store!

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