Thursday, 27 August 2015

Autumn Came Early| Boohooo

I refuse to wait any longer...

England is cold, grey and wet. I'm always overly keen to transition from summer to autumn or 'fall', I loveeee the fashion the festivities and the cold crisp air!

I had a meeting yesterday and when I saw the weather I said to myself 'this is it' I'm not going to attempt to dress for summer when the sky is attempting to drown us all.
I had a look through Boohoo the other week as I wanted to see if they had their autumn/winter stuff in, and I came across this skirt, after an hour I finally chose the colour I wanted (shock black) and at £5 how could I not.

With online shopping you never know what you're going to get as every rang/product is different so I was skeptical as I knew there could be the possibility that the skirt isn't what it looked like, wafer thin material etc. But I was delighted when it arrived, the material is thick and unexpectedly stretchy!

The skirt comes in size 10 and up, I went for the 10 as I vary from 8-10 and I would say buy true to your true size. Although the material is stretchy it is still less durable in places(my bum for instance) so keep that in mind. There is no way in hizzle I would have got in an 8...

I layered a dark green midi dress I got from Topshop in a thrift shop; it worked great as a top, tights because yes autumn means tights yay, and some heeled boots from Red Herring. I made myself a tartan bow for my hair because I love myself a bow and it finished the whole autumn-esque look off really nicely!

I'd also like to give a shutout to mother nature for chucking it down whilst I was trying to shoot this post...

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Cutest Summer/Winter Accessory| The Dressing Room Brentwood

I received this gorgeous gift from a brand called The Dressing Room Brentwood, and I just had to share as i'm a sucker for cute accessories!

The Dressing Room Brentwood(TDRB) is the cutest brand, every item is perfection I must say. I'd been following the brand on Instagram for a long time and I've always been a huge fan so I was very excited when my headband came in the post. TDRB do everything from trousers, tops, accessories, two pieces and the CUTEST play suits! It's the perfect brand for festival and party wear.

I got sent a red/pink colour headband with rose embellishment, first of all I love the red as it means I can wear this in the autumn as well as summer. The Designer/owner of the brand Chloe actually took inspiration from my Instagram feed which was incredibly thoughtful, it's always nice when a brand makes a special effort and is interactive!

I own a lot of these type of headbands but only knitted/winter wear kinds so it made a really nice change, it's also going to be great for when I wear a lot of dark colours in the winter and want to brighten the outfit up!

I'm wearing, again, another timeless piece which I have had for years. I'm throwing it way back to 2010...It's just a plain black maxi dress from Oasis with a chiffon trim on the bust, I thought it would compliment the head band quite nicely.

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Monique x

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