Sunday, 6 September 2015

I'm An Adult| My Birthday

This will be the quickest blog post I have ever written as I currently have family round, but...IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!

I cannot believe my teen years are over, they have gone unbelievably quick. I feel like I've achieved so much in the last decade and I am so grateful for all the opportunities I've been given; from the little  things to being signed to my agency and everything that came along with blogging this year! 

A quick outfit post:

My top I got a present today from my mum, I shan't leave the links as it's rude to look at the prices of items but it's from H&M and I'm sure you can find it on the website pretty easily!

My skirt I bought from Dorothy Perkins last year, I love love love anything a-line!

My shoes are from New Look(they do the best sales ever).

I loveeeeee hair bows so so much as you might see from previous posts, so I was delighted when I opened this one from my sister this morning- Tamika you da best.

I love being a September baby, as it means my birthday arrives just as a/w stock does...I feel like this outfit is perfect from sunny, crisp September days and aubergine is always an Autumn must!!

For all business please email-

Monique x


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