Friday, 25 March 2016

50 Shades of Grey

Today's post follows up my 'Silver Edit' post as I wanted to style the items so you could see them paired with an outfit.

The silver colour goes with almost every other colour under the sun as it's metallic and neutral, but I've been wanting to wear them with an all grey ensemble for so long. I'm wearing at least 3 different shades of grey here and they all really compliment each other, i'm always very matchy-matchy so it was fun to play around with colours.

My skirt is from Boohoo Last year so it is all sold out now but they will most likely have something similar and they always have the best stock so go check them out, it was about £12; I actually bought it after I saw Aria from Pretty Little Liars wear a white, half sheer looking skirt which looked fabulous on her and I was like I want one of those! I may have mentioned this before but I love garments with lots of movement and the chiffon like material on this skirt has the perfect amount. My top is from Primark 2007 (I kid you not) I'm not sure why I've kept this so many years *laughs* but it's one of those basics that I still love and it has kept so well. My shoes are from Zara- you can read about them here. The necklace is actually my mums because she always buys the best jewellery and lets me borrow it, she's the best.

This outfit is perfect for spring, and would look lovely for any easter parties, christenings, weddings, or even going to lunch or dinner! I am probably going to live in it over summer.

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The Silver Edit

As usual I have been spending way too much money in Zara.

Their Spring Summer items this year are extremely hard to resist especially when you have a weakness for fancy shoes (they're not for me they're for a friend)...

I love metallic for Summer and being able to pair them with every colour in the rainbow, I actually bought the loafers a couple of months ago and then found the matching platforms the other week so it was only fair to give them both a home!

The mirror effect is insane and in my opinion looks high end which I love. A friend of mine saw my shoes and said they're great if you like you're own reflection; in a way this is true, a double functioning item, a blurry reflection at that, a bit like when you've had one too many drinks.

Chunky platforms are easier to walk in for me than stilhettos so the shape and style is perfect, I was also cursed with big feet and the long tongue on the loafers is very flattering and makes me look less of a clown!

The Loafers were £19.99 and the Platforms £29.99. I love Zara for their amazing prices and quality; if you're looking for a high end look on a budget then definitely have a look in your local branch, they also update their stock weekly so there is always something new. Great for my wardrobe, bad for my bank account!

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Summer Jewellery and Tropical Tumblrs'

 Topshop Oxford Circus has a lot to offer in the jewellry department, now I'm not a jewellry person at all but I picked this up straight away. If i'm going to buy jewellery it's going to have to be interesting; I'm not into all that dainty stuff! This one reminds me of a snow globe, I absolutely love it. It's going to look fab when I take it on holiday and when I wear it out, I adore the transparent sphere. I can't help but feel like this needs to be photographed on a 'tropical' Tumblr in front of a perfectly unfocused background of a white sanded beach-Throwing it way back to my 2010 hipster days.

Next are these adorable earrings and necklace from Forever 21, who also do amazingly well with their jewellery and accessories (very affordable in there too) I think these earrings were around £3 and about the same for the necklace. Again, I love fun jewellery and less of the serious stuff. The earrings are my favourite; I love the fact they are 3D and actually sit either side of your ear lobe, stick me on Brighton beach and call me a carousel (dead joke). 

The pineapple necklace again I feel like belongs on a 'Tropical Tumblr' but don't act like you've never sat there for 2 hours scrolling through them for summer inspo (I see you) we've all been there. It's seriously cute and the perfect summer accessory!

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lush Easter 2016 Review and Milton Keynes Blogger Event

It's that time of year again...
I recently went to the Lush Easter Bloggers event in Milton Keynes, you can watch my vlog here- 
 I love love love their blogger events, the staff are amazing and they always arrange such a fun-filled evening, I always come away feeling so happy. It's also a really good chance for me to catch up with my local blogger friends who I don't get to see that often!
Anyway I chose myself some of the new easter products and I thought i'd just go through each one very briefly and tell you a bit about them, what I like etc, you know how these posts go...

First up are the bunch of carrots (bubbles), previously all orange but Lush have decided to spice them up this year and give you a pink, purple, and orange carrot so you're able to pick and choose or have a bit of a cocktail! I had used these last year and I absolutely love the smell, they do create a nice amount of bubbles but no way near as many as their actual bubble bars. Either way it's a really fun, lovely smelling, and attractive product!

Lush Milton Keynes had organised a scavenger hunt at the event, where we would run around the store like kids in a sweetshop trying to find little packages containing the new products. Once all were found we each took it in turn to open the package and reveal one of this years new products. This happened to be the one I opened and 'surprise surprise' and to my absolute joy it was the fluffy egg!

Possibly one of my favourite bath bombs ever. It turns your water into a wonderland of pink and candy scents! I was so worried they weren't going to bring this one back, I am a very happy girl!

Next is Humpty Dumpty; Unfortunately my Humpty Dumpty Ironicly had a great fall and cracked. Not to worry as this is all in the name of the product. When you crack your Humpty Dumpty bath bomb you will actually find an egg inside! You can use these either separately or altogether. This bath bomb creates a swirly blue and pink coloured bath (this is also shown on the vlog) and is super pretty. It's very hard to put a scent into words but as I said very sweet as are all the easter range. A really fun and cute little product.

Yet another one of my all time favourites! It's the Golden egg. The golden egg is a very luxurious bath bomb melt made with cocoa butter that helps moisturise and achieve softer skin. It is Toffee scented and believe me it smells divine! It is also extremely glittery and I am not exaggerating, it gets everywhere! It makes if perfect for achieving a sparkly glow if ever you are wanting to look extra special for something, maybe a nice meal, a celebration, or night out. I need to buy more of these, I wish these were sold all year round!

That is that, these were all the Easter products I purchased on the day, there are more in the range so definitely check the rest out. Lush are always so generous and gifted each blogger a goodie bag, they filled it with lots of other amazing products so if you'd like to see a separate haul do let me know!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Preppy Mustard

Happy Sunday everybody! A quick outfit post from Saturday; Saturday was the first day this year that it was actually sunny/warm enough for me to waltz about without a jacket, don't get me wrong it was still quite chilly but luckily I was wearing this sweater from Topshop.

I really do love mustard against my skin tone, it's one of those colours that will look great on everyone and is a great alternative for yellow if you're not a fan! It was reasonably priced at £26, this style is almost sold out so hurry if you'd like one! The fit is incredible, thick and stretchy so perfect for the chillier spring days and April showers! I went super casual and paired it with an old skater skirt from river Island, and some chelsea boots from Office (i'm not sure if these are still in stock but i'll tag similar) this look is really preppy which isn't something I usually go for but i'm loving it.

My backpack is from Forever 21, I've been looking for the perfect one for literally months, this was the first one I came across with a zip, medium sized and black. It is so much easier to carry round than a normal bag and has helped my back an awful lot, amazing. I hope you've all had a fabulous weekend!

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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking

'Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.' Miranda Priestly's' skin would be crawling, but I can't help but feeling like Spring is the perfect time for florals. Flowers are blooming, daisies are making their debut for summer, not to mention the sheer mass of daffodiles that take over England from March-May.

I do find that a lot of bright florals never really have anything to them and can almost look slightly cheap. As a person who loves dark colours and florals you can imagine how delighted I was when I spotted these trousers in Topshop; the perfect combination!

I love the fit of cigarette trousers; these ones in particular are almost slightly stretchy so they're very easy to wear, the combination of colours are beautiful, the yellow flowers are what sold me!

I realised I didn't have any lemon in my wardrobe so I found this little crop in Forever21 which looks really sweet contrasting with the yellow on the trousers. I don't like to wear too many bright colours at once but pairing it with dark colours is definitely more of a subtle way to wear it without looking too gordy, the same with florals.  

My hat is by Louche and was bought from Joy store in Brighton, it goes with everything and I love the scalloped rim!

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