Tuesday, 26 July 2016

3 Reasons I love London

Reason no.1: The fashion.

It is known to everyone that London is one of the fashion capitals of the world. The thing about cities is that there is always something new, and a sense of freedom when it comes to what you wear, I find i'm a lot more bold when I outfit plan for the city, often, in my town if you wear something just slightly out of the ordinary you get looked at as if you're stush...not the case. I had so many kind strangers stop me on the street this Sunday and complimenting me on how nice I looked, a compliment is nice but it was the gesture, a sense of acceptance and belonging that warmed me!

As you know I work with Jones and Jones UK a lot as a blogger, and this Sunday I went to view their Autumn/Winter 2016/17 collection at Pure London. It.is.insane. I was speaking to the lovely Sandy who is part of the marketing team about how much I love the brand, because I never put anything on my website I do not love or would not wear myself so believe me, have a look at how many J&J posts I have on here and go figure... In the winter collection you will see a range of gorgeous winter colours- plush pink satins, christmas reds, party sparkles, berry purples and contemporary blacks!

We are also hosting a giveaway very soon so make sure you stay updated with all my social medias which you can find here!

Reason no.2: Incredible people.

What I didn't mention was that I'm not particulary a huge fan on Pure London.. the event itself is fab and the seminars and shows are such fun and great to watch. However...my first ever time there was ruined by some particular brands who obviously took a disliking to me and were so unnecessarily rude, but hey I'm not everyone's cup of tea? I daren't ever look at any of their stands because you receive a death glare *laughs* even though it's and INDUSTRY ONLY event, some highly snobbish people will always look at you like you're trash. Everyone wants to know who you are, what do you do, and why you are there. It's not that everyone is rude to me, but I don't know, when I'm there i don't feel particularly comfortable, and i'm a confident person.

This is going somewhere I promise...

But anyway I decided after seeing J&J and watching a quick seminar that I'd head to Portobello road, I hadn't been there in ages and my mum said their Sunday vintage markets were good. I'd found the cutest stall with an array of the beautiful vintage garments some of which were hung on pearl hangers(I liked this) 'I'm going to take a picture of you in my shop for Instagram' I turn around and was greeted by the loveliest lady, a stylist, and owner of the stall Portobello Girl. We introduced ourselves and stood talking for ages, it was refreshing to meet somebody so kind and genuinly interested in my life and what I do, especially after being at a place I formally felt quite isolated(pure London) she kindly took some photos on my camera so I could share with you guys, it was fun! I bought the cutest shirt from her also which I'll be wearing this Saturday, so i'll show you all in a separate post, it is beautiful! It's just very fascinating to me, how many interesting and beautfiul people there are in this world, and how you can meet them in the strangest of places. You see this stuff happen in films...but it also happens in the city!

Reason 3: Best Friends... Mon and Leah meet Gossip Girl

I love going to London with my mum of all people, she used to work in London from the age of 17/18, she is a London expert, she knows who, what, and where and how to get everywhere it's crazy! She really does know the City like the back of her hand (she's not like a regular mum she's a cool mum) lets hope you get the reference. But my joint favourite person to explore London with is my best friend Leah! I ended up crashing her family meal on Sunday after i'd finished galavanting round by myself, this time we only ventured as far as Leister Square, we sat by the fountain, drank pepsi and laughed at the fact a pigeon had shat on my shoulder earlier that day, i'm crying inside! But whether were getting lost in the city, or doing shit all in the city, we always have the best time. Some of my favourite ever memories are in the London with Leah. 

Memory one: My mum and nan took my whole friendship group to London, we went to dinner at Bella Italia- Leah ate a WHOLE lasagne made for two people.

Memory two: Me and Leah go to London for 1Xtra Live, just turned 18 and I had forgotten my ID, we watch completely sober and danced awkwardly to 2 chainz.

Memory three: Christmas in London, photo booths in Topshop, Winter Wonderland, and mauled Wine that tasted like piss. It 'snowed' above the Boots Oxford street store, it was magical! 

Memory Four: I had a magazine event and Leah decides to meet me after for drinks, we meet at St Pancras and drink strawberry daiquiri from a can(big up M&S) and head to the only bar left open at this time of night, we get trollied and end up being up all night and then catching a 6:30 train home the next morning.

Memory Five: I have anxiety attack the day I'm meant to be going to fashion week alone, I phone leah in tears and she agrees to come with me for support...she's a good friend. We end up being invited to an interview and show by the sponsors of fashion week- Sunglasses Hut and had the most amazing day.

Having your best friend to share these experiences with is truly amazing, If you don't live too far from London or even if you do, GO! At this age most of us are so bored of our hometowns and there are so many amazing places out there you need to go and see, go and make some amazing memories!

Please let me know what your favourite memories in London are in the comments, thanks for reading if you made it all the way to the end!

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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Spinning like a girl in a brand new dress

Happy Sunday everybody, wishing you all a happy weekend! This post comes to you from the  Bedford Business awards last Thursday, a local awards night dedicated to businesses within the area. I thought i'd show you what I wore to the evening so yes, it's that time again...i'm back with another Jones and Jones post! P.S If there are any swifties reading then I gather you understand the reference of the title; possibly one of my favourite lyrics ever, nothing beats the feeling of spinning in a new dress!

There are already tonnes and tonnes of reviews of their dresses on my blog which you can find here, where I tell you all about how much I LOVE them, so I won't babble on. But I must say this is one of my favourite dresses I own from the brand, I've never worn one with a tulle skirt and it's just so beautiful, If you watch my channel videos also you'll know I love any clothing with movement, and this dress has plenty! The blue is such a great summer colour too, I love the contrast of the skirt against the cream bodice and silver band. There is nothing I love more than a full skirt and perfectly fitting bodice. These dresses are perfect for special occasions, events, birthdays, and even casual wear; I have many that I dress down with jackets and boots and I always get so many compliments.

The quality is amazing, and it's not something you see everybody wearing, they make you feel so special! I'll end the writting here before I get carried away, I hope you enjoy the following photos!

Much Love

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Monique x

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