Monday, 1 August 2016

Finding myself in London and Mustard ensemble

Happy Monday everyone, despite that Monday feeling we all most likely have, isn't it great to be alive! I'm sat writing this whilst in bed, it's raining and so peaceful! I'm going through a phase of being bored in my home town which you may have picked up on from all of these London blog posts, It's really important to take time and do things that make you happy, especially if you're ever feeling lost, bored, lonely, or unfulfilled. For me it's the discontent, I feel like a nobody here, I'm bored of what my town has to offer, and i'm bored of the person I am in this town...I wear whatever the hell I want to London, and I like the sense of freedom I have when i'm there. There are so many people in the city and although none of them know who I am, and will probably never see me again I feel observed. This must sound awfully vain but it's not intended... I could even pin point it down to a lady walking past , I catch her looking at my shirt and she nods in acknowledgement, an instance where in my home town someone would usually turn their nose up at me. Fashion in the city is appreciated, culture is appreciated, I am appreciated and there is nothing wrong in taking pride in that, I find a new sense of confidence and contentment when I am there. There are two quotes, or lyrics by Taylor swift in her song Welcome to NewYork- 'everybody here was someone else before, and you can want who you want' and 'Everybody here wanted something more, searching for a sound we hadn't heard before. She's a lyrical genius. I find those two lyrics so relevant to myself and if you haven't heard the song then I recommend you have a listen, listen to the lyrics and you will feel how I feel as soon as I step foot off that train at St Pancras station. 

London is a magical place for me, I'm having new adventures there every weekend and it sounds silly and maybe others reading this won't understand, but I come home feeling self assured, and it's a great feeling. There are places, cities, people, out there waiting for you, waiting to meet you. Please go and find them!

If you're here for the fashion then read this bit *laughs*, I'm wearing my shirt I bought from the Portobellogirl vintage stall which I wrote about last week, you can read all about it here! My skirt is from Missguied a year or so back, it was about £20 and believe me when I say I have gotten the wear out of it, this skirt goes with everything! The platform sandals are from Zara and if i'm right are now reduced to £9.99 in stores! My bag is from NewLook and Sunglasses from Primark. I'm wearing a lot of colour now especially when I'm in London and I love it! This Saturday I went for all tan and mustard, I love this little get up so much, it's quirky and classy! Obviously it was impossible to resist an outfit post outside one of Notting Hill's cute little rainbow houses. I went to Portobello road again with Leah and I had a really nice coconut...oh so candid *pretends camera isn't there*.


'The lights are so bright but they never blind me'

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