Monday, 26 September 2016

Do I look hat in this?

Hello everyone, good day from rainy England (I low key love it)! Today I thought i'd share with you a quick outfit/lifestyle post all about my favourite colours and accessories.

It's that time of year, my favourite time of year, autumn. We all know how much everyone loves this season; candles, PSL, blankets, mf movie days, I could go on forever...with that being said lets move on to my outfit. I much prefer Primark's winter stock to their summer so I've been in there quite a few times this past couple of months, I picked up a few of these bobble hats which I am obsessing over, I'm going through a mustard faze at the moment so of course this was the most obvious option and then I got a black too, at only £2.50 why not! They also come in a few other colours. I feel like beanies without a bobble make my head looks so stumpy *laughs* so I guess the bobble helps to elongate my head? My mum has always said you lose most heat through your head 'wear a hat in the winter' she said, I never listened, mama, this year, I'm taking your advice girl. My jeans are from Missguided, previous season and my trainers *ahem* are in fact mens...i'm not sorry, I can't be sorry I just have big feet(7-8 women's size). I got these from Primark too to literally just wear to the airport as I put a hole in my ONLY other pair of good Nike trainers the day before I flew, the women's trainers just didn't do it for me so I got these to kick about in, they can get dirty or whatever because they were only cheap. That's another thing on my list though, trainers. I never really wear them because I feel like they make me look stumpy and masculine.

We had an incredible brunch at our local pavilion in the park, we sat on the patio in the crisp air and warmed our lips with coffees and hot chocolates. I indudge in moment like these because i'm a person that loves the little things, I'm looking forward to more days like this here in my home town and the city! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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