Sunday, 30 October 2016

autumn basics

Another glorious Sunday isn't it! This post will feature a couple of my favourite autumn basics. If you're anything like me winter means only one thing, laziness. Yes I said it. If i'm just chilling, or out and about, the last thing I want to do is wake up on a cosy Sunday morning... and have to make loads of effort, it doesn't mean i'll get dressed in the dark but there are a few ways around this problem, Items I can wear for those lazy days when I still want to look fab!

First item being this lipstick by Maybelline. May I start off by saying that maybelline is probably my favourite drug store brand for lipstick, the quality is there, like really there and the max you will pay is £7. They have a matte collection in stores at the moment which are amazing, I picked up this shade called 'Divine Wine' from Superdrug. I think i've touched down on this in another post, or video that the Maybelline lipsticks apply so well, complete coverage(they are very opaque) and lasting wear, even as a matte shade it is very easy and smooth to apply. I'm rambling. You know those days where you can't be bothered for much makeup? Grab this dang lipstick, apply to yo lips, and it makes ALL the difference, a showstopper. It also adds a lot of flare to any plain outfit, thus today's OOTD.

My next item, is this black checked skirt by Newlook, an autumn staple may I add; I got this one from Asos it was only £22.99, nothing makes me happier than extremely good quality for a reasonable price, this skirt is so thick and warm! Skirts are a good thing you can just throw on, throw on a skirt, a plain top, tight and are pretty much guaranteed a cute outfit. I paired mine with a black Primark rollneck, tights, and last season Zara boots. It synchs in at the waist and is slightly a line giving me an hour glass shape; I'm tall, with shape but hardly any chest so this style of skirt tends to fit me well and looks in proportion. It also fits length wise, hallelujah. To all my tall girls(no pun intended) you feel me when it comes to shopping for jeans/skirts, we need a bit of dignity too right? 

I wore this outfit out today for some shopping and a walk round the river with my Mum, it was super cosy and flattering, and all I did was chuck on a skirt and some lipstick. How pretty is the river, I saw at least 5 other people with cameras, gahhh I just love this time of year!

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