Sunday, 19 February 2017

Little Bow Fleek | London Fashion Week 2017

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope this week has been a happy one for you all! In today's post i'm writing in accordance with London Fashion Week| February 2017. I usually try and go a couple of days each season but I only managed to get down yesterday on the Saturday, usually the busiest day, however it did turn out to be some what quieter than usual. I enjoyed yesterday a lot, I didn't see any shows this February but I did head to the Strand to network and check out the street fashion, London always comes through with it's street style! I am a people watcher so seeing what everybody is wearing is my favourite part!

Over the years I've met some amazing people, some of which are now very good friends, so yesterday was spent catching up with my good friend Lauren from home and my FW chums. Lauren, Alisha and I eventually took a stroll over to the bridge and enjoyed London's glorious sunshine (we had to take advantage of this, it's a rarity). We then headed to the St Paul's area for some Dinner. I've touched down on this before on the blog but I will always say, if you'd like to make friends, get yourself down to the city, it always surprises me!

My dress is by Sister Jane, who I recently discovered on Asos. I completely fell in love with their quirky and romantic designs, this dress is everything I love! I like to wear things that perhaps other people would not have seen before, as well as still fitting in with my style aesthetic. I fell in love with the triple bow detail, the pink, it's the perfect length for a tall girl too. Like i've said before I love anything with movement. If I may say so it was a hit. I love how feminine smock dresses are, this one is lightweight which would make it a great dress for spring or summer. We all know I love black so it was incomplete without my Zara sock boots and my black hat from Joy Store! I could have made this outfit a pastel frenzy, which I probably will do come summer. Instead I combined romantic textures with a pop of black and I felt this represented me perfectly.

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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Valentine's Day

Happy Sunday everybody, and...well, happy new year?! With life being so busy I guess I hadn't blogged in a long time. Valentine's day is coming up. I mean don't get me wrong I think it is very commercialised and an unnecessary 'holiday' but fair dos to all the cute ass couples *forces a grin*. Logically it's just a day, and it'd be fine right? If it wasn't for the suffocation of couples everywhere you went on February 14th; restaurants, cinemas, streets filled with couples and the site of those gosh awful plastic roses, but never the less, a chance for me to dress up on the blog, HA. I'm actually really looking forward to valentine's day, for the last 3 years I've spent it with my best friend, were both single (hey boys), were off for a nice meal and then we'll be seeing 50 shades darker, so there you go it doesn't have to be miserable, no boyfriend, no problem *beat drops*.

I have gone on and on about how much I love Jones and Jones dresses in the past so i'll leave it here, if you want to hear more about them there are tonnes of posts on the blog if you fancy a good old read! Today I'm sporting their Tilda cream dress, for some reason it looks like their website is down so I've been unable to link. I love the valentine's colours, cream, red, and pink. They're so girly, and what I like to call 'cheer up colours' this dress is most definitely twirl worthy! As soon as I saw the sheer neck and keyhole back I knew this was the one, I love love love sheer, and it's exactly how I imagine the top of my wedding dress to look like, with added sleeves...I mean if I ever get married. My shoes are from Miss Selfridge, they were on sale and I assume they should still be in store as they were Winter 2016 stock just gone. On my lips i'm wearing Tanya Burr's Matte lip in 'Christmas Stocking'. I got this in her beauty advent calendar, it's very thick and creamy and a bright red, perfect for valentine's!

I hope you all have a happy, healthy and productive week, and happy Valentine's day to all you couples and singletons! Kisses.


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