Sunday, 25 February 2018

Ball is life

Being a basketball girlfriend comes with watching endless games, and playing Basketball (terribly) with the bf, both of which I really enjoy; fun fact, on our first date, we spent the afternoon playing Basketball! S and I hit a local court this weekend, the day was perfect. It was ridiculously cold but the sun had come out to play, the court was old school, plenty of character. It felt like we were in LA, you would have never have known we were in England. The boys using the other side of the court were playing some pretty wavy Hip Hop, times like this I love to take so many mental pictures, but being us we also took some actual pictures.

It was probably about 5 degrees, but after we had warmed up a bit we were way too hot, took of the jackets and braved the cold for a while. I have never really been into sporty clothing, nor was I a sneakerhead, ever. But that changed when I met S, I'm also not really one for super casual clothing but I do enjoy a bit of 'sport luxe' so I threw on some 3/4 sports trousers I bought off the internet from China, if I remember correctly so I am unable to link. My Nike Free Runs, and I pinched S's Jordan cap! 

I think this is one of my favourite shots of S, ever. He is wearing his Kyrie Irving Celtics swing man Jersey, and his Jordan Superfly 3s'. This guy can dunk, I gave it a good go but being at least a metre or so shorter than the hoop really puts me at a disadvantage... (that was a lie I just suck).

See what we got up to above!

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